Monday, November 10, 2008

After you read this, you will probly think I am bat shit crazy, but I swear I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

Okay, so I skipped a few days. What can I say, my mind has been elsewhere. Much has transpired in the last few days believe it or not. Upon further research into the Novelty Theory and "Time Wave Zero" I have discovered that this month could be a very exciting one. The Novelty Theory basically suggests that there is an exponential function which can be correlated with the progression of our species (or something like that). It correlates to everything from our population, production, life expectancy all the way to the amount of information available to us, ease of communication, connectivity. Basically, everything we are capable of and the rate at which that increases. About 10,000 years ago we learned to farm, and we had the agricultural revolution. About 200 years ago, we saw the dawn of the industrial revolution. About 30 years ago, we saw the beginnings of what would become the internet and realized the potential that computers had. These species-changing events are increasing at an accelerated rate that will reach an infinity point close to the end of 2012, with the last 18 changes to come in the last day, and of those 13 in the last fraction of a second. I don't know exactly what it means. It could mean anything. It could mean nothing. The thing is the Novelty Theory is just one piece of the puzzle. One theory. There are many other facets to the mystery of 2012 many of which overlap including, of course, the Mayan Calender. As well as Christianity and any other religion with a Christ like figure, which includes the majority of all world religions. God is to Christians what Quetzalcoatl was to the Mayans, what Zeus was to the Greeks, what Science is to atheists, and what the Sun was to those before any of them. (Maybe the atheist metaphor is a bit off, but you get my gist, and I thought it was clever.) It all goes back to the Sun. And Space. Guess what? Some really funky shit is scheduled to go down in space around December of 2012. I can't get into that right now though, I've rambled enough. It will have to wait till later, we'll take this one step at a time. Today's lesson was the Novelty Theory, research it, as well as the Theory of Singularity, but for now I must stay on track with the present and today's happenings, lest this blog never gets finished.
Today was a strange day. I stayed up late last night watching Chinatown for the first time. What a fucked up movie, can't talk about it now though. What you need to know is that Jack Nicholson's character gets his nose cut in that movie, so for about thirty minutes of the movie he's got this bandage on his nose. This may sound like a familiar image, I know I have seen it numerous times before I saw the movie. I always thought to myself, "I need to see that movie where Jack Nicholson is wearing a bandage on his nose." So I did. Then today I stroll into work, and I shit you not, this old guy at work had a bandage on his nose just like the one in Chinatown. Meaningful coincidence? Well, I don't believe it was "meaningful", but I don't believe in coincidences either, so... 
That wasn't the big news today though. Big news today is aliens! Yes, aliens are somehow a part of all this, I know it seems outlandish, but the truth is sometimes hard to swallow. So far this year, we've had a reoccurence of the Phoenix Lights over Arizona. We've had de-classified U.K. Ministry of Defense information regarding UFO sightings over the past decades in which one particular group of pilots reported a ship the size of an air craft carrier that shot off at over 9,000 mph, with interviews with these pilots today, fifty years later, still baffled. Then there's the ex-astronaut from Apollo 14, who at 77, has come forth and said that aliens have made contact, have visited on several occasions, and that the government has been fighting to cover it up for sixty years. Now, today in the news I saw a piece on the new handbooks FEMA is passing out to Firestations across the nation. One chapter focuses on how to handle the events of a UFO encounter/attack/crash site and even what to expect and how to care for wounded aliens. I'm serious about all this shit. It is in the news! I know the media is not to be trusted, but maybe this deserves a little bit more attention from the public? I mean surely it makes for more interesting news, right? Last night, I also received an email from my friend, Nick, notifying me that NASA is making some kind of announcement regarding a "significant discovery regarding another planet in another solar system", on my birthday no less. Plus, I think I should add,  remember that novelty theory I mentioned earlier? Well, it's supposed to hit one of its big peak "changes" this month, but maybe that change was the election of the Anti-Christ. I really hope not. I hope this months big change will be NASA coming clean about the aliens. That would change the world more than any President ever could. Could you imagine how's the world's view would change if light was shed to suggest that WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO INHABIT THE UNIVERSE? That would be so awesome for us to know. I would feel much more comfortable knowing that, because the opposite is even scarier. I know this all very wishful thinking, but I have hope, I hope they are talking about some intelligent life out there somewhere, I really hope we fucking found some, because that is something that we are running out of faster than fossil fuels. Thanks for reading the DSotA. More later. 

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