Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Singularity is near, 2012 is coming, the synchronicity is always around, and I must me going mad.

Scott Adams got me thinking once again. I don't know how long this will stick with me, but right now everything just seems to be falling into place and fitting together in a strangely peculiar way, so I figured I'd better get it on paper, or on screen rather. 
In the past year or so I feel like I've learned more than I've learned in any other single year I remember. I attribute this mostly to the internet, and this is a weird thing in itself because the internet is a big part of the puzzle. The internet is highly underrated. People are not really using the internet to it's full advantage, at least I don't they are. The internet is still very new ground for us as a species. It connects the people of the world like never before imaginable. It is an unending source of knowledge that is always at our fingertips. Billions of questions are answered every month by people using Google. Where did people find these answers quickly before the internet existed and the library was closed or snowed in or burned down? They probably didn't. Imagine the number of questions that went unanswered, and the arguments that went unsolved. How much have you learned from Wikipedia? I know I've learned a lot. Anytime I want to know something I know I can find on the internet, I can pull a small device out of my pocket and connect with every other online computer in the world to find the answer. That is seriously crazy fucking shit. We have limitless knowledge at our fingertips, how much smarter do we need to be? What's really crazy, is that it wasn't so simple fifteen years ago and devices like that did not exist. At least I didn't have any friends with the internet on their phones in 1995. Not to mention, if I'm doing it I know the scientific community is tearing up the internet swapping information and new findings and ideas and shit. If that doesn't make you curious about what's coming in the very near future, you just aren't paying attention. Without the internet I surely would never have learned so much, so quickly about Ray Kurzweil's predictions and Theory of Singularity, Daniel Pinchbeck's extensive 2012 theory, Terrence McKenna's Novelty Theory, Zeitgeist, Littlewood's Law, Scott Adam's wonderful theories on life and the internet, Joe Rogan and his awesome DMT rant. Sure, these are all theories, but aren't theories the basis or building blocks of most science and knowledge? Maybe these guys are modern philosphers, I just like to call them Thinkers. Now, I can personally roll all these theories and ideas into one equation in my head, and the pieces start to fit into a truly extraordinary concept, which is obviously unexplainable at this time, that's why I said "personally" and "in my head". Until I can work it all out on paper, or on a screen rather, which could take years at this rate (this is a very large puzzle), here are some of the things I think may turn out to be true to hold you over:  
1) Clues and/or "breadcrumbs", in Scott Adams words, are all around us, you just have to look for and recognize them. Could be a book, a movie, something in the news, a coincidence, a dream, a hallucination, a vision. Moments of Clarity, when things just seem to make too much sense. Synchronicities, when things seem to line up too perfectly. Patterns that emerge. Weird shit, freaky shit, plain strange shit for lack of better terms. If you start looking for them they will come to you. 
2) 2012 is very significant and will bring the kind of change we can't even fathom.
3) Memory does not only work in reverse. 
4) This is not "reality" we are experiencing right now and/or we are all one in some form or fashion, something inherently and obviously unknown to us, or most of us, I know some people already agree on this point. 
Now, I know I know nothing for sure, but these are things I think about when I'm bored. I don't even know what kind of answers I'm looking for. Still, with every relevant "clue", weird coincidence, and synchronicity I've personally experienced I feel a little closer to something. And just in case your my Mom, and your reading this, no, I am not tripping on drugs right now. I haven't tripped in over three months and I don't have any immediate future plans on doing so. This search for an answer started with an obsession with death years ago, before any drug use, that evolved into this. This is the kind of stuff I have always been most interested in. Nevertheless, I do think psychedelics have played a rather important role in my understanding of the puzzle and life in general thus far. Mainly serving as a "spiritual tool" for gaining untapped knowledge, unknown potential, intense self-awareness, and a truly heightened perception of reality. I can't delve into this topic at this time lest I go way off track, I'm still not even sure how it fits into the puzzle or how big a piece it is. I was actually trying to steer clear of it altogether, but I just wanted to emphasize that drugs did not directly inspire any of what I am writing at the moment or this quest for knowledge I seem to be on, just in case that's what you were thinking. Why do I feel the need to justify my sanity or sobriety? I must be thinking too hard. Moving on...
I recently read Scott Adams' blogpost about Kurzweil, "breadcrumbs", and coincidences. It made so much fucking sense it drove me into a frenzy for more input on some of the concepts and ideas he mentioned. This took me on a trail until somehow or another, I stumbled across Littlewood's Law, which states: "miraculous events" (i.e. "freaky, weird shit") will happen to us at a rate of about once a month. That is if you agree with stating that the average, awake, and alert human has an experience about once a second, and you also agree a miracle can be defined as literally a "one in a million" experience. It's simple math, works out to about once a month. Personally, I can go with that, makes sense to me. Thing is I don't sleep as much as the average human and although the difference is probably minimal, maybe that's why I come across so many of these "miracles", or as Adams puts it "breadcrumbs", or as Pinchbeck refers to them, "synchronicities", I like that one the best. As a kid I just stayed up late every night because I was trying not to waste any on my life sleeping*, actually that's still true today, maybe it's finally paying off.
Anyway, Scott Adams' post focused on Kurzweil's predictions about how humans will find a way to live on through machines. If you don't know who Raymond Kurzweil is; he's a scientist/inventor and I'm sure he's smarter than me and you put together. These weren't all new ideas to me, as I was reading about Kurzweil and the Theory of Singularity before I was reading Scott Adams' blog, which is kind of weird I guess. What I read that was new to me was this theory, which I posted in a bulletin, but here it is in case you missed it or you need to refresher: 

"Eventually, when all humans have robot bodies and computer brains, it will seem silly to be encased in separate physical bodies when reality could be better handled via simulation. So all the individual computers would agree to download to one huge computer and live a simulated reality for the rest of time. 
The imagined reality would feature each "person" in flesh form. Upon the death of a particular simulated human, the host computer person would "reincarnate" into another simulated human baby. 
By the way, it already happened. Your flesh form died a billion years ago. To make the simulation meaningful, you walled off the memory of being in a simulation. But you left the digital equivalent of a bread crumb path back because, being human, you couldn't totally release on the past. So we see hints and clues in this simulated life that give us a way out of this simulation if it becomes too brutal.
For example, in this simulated life we continually create simulations of our own. We call them TV shows, plays, movies, books, and even computer games that are simulations of life. Everything in this life is a metaphor. And our coincidences aren't as coincidental as we think.
I'm guessing you don't buy this explanation of your reality, but consider this: If the prediction of the future seems reasonable, and time is infinite, it is infinitely more likely it already happened compared to the possibility that it will happen in our future and hasn't yet. We could be imagining the universe as only 14 billion years old in the simulation.

Yes, it does sound a lot like in the Matrix, almost like the Matrix on acid. I must mention that the Matrix was a very seminal movie in my life. Years after watching it and slightly obsessing over it and thinking "That would never be possible", for it to actually seem feasible to me now seems ridiculous right? I mean, I'm supposed to be getting more intelligent, correct? Well, it's strange to think that it may be a huge clue, or a big fucking breadcrumb. I'm not saying I believe it or disbelieve it, I think its possible though. Plus this is different from the Matrix, in that we wouldn't actually exist in a physical body like they do. We would be the machines and the humans simultaneously. I know it's hard to wrap your head around.
After reading and thinking about all this for awhile I noticed the background on my desktop that I've had for over a month. It's a humanoid robot with wires going into the back of it's head, makes sense I would have that for my background, right? The funny thing is I wasn't really thinking about that when I made it my desktop however long ago, I just thought it looked cool. Now, is this a coincidence? Not really, but kind of. Is it meaningful? It really felt meaningful but I couldn't tell you why, other than I got a bad case of the heebie jeebies and that seems to happen to me when real weird shit happens. Lets just assume for a moment that we are in some kind of technological or spiritual simulation that we are none the wiser to, and I'm picking up breadcrumbs and figuring it out one piece at a time, and everytime I have a weird or eerie coincidence and I feel all tingly, I know it means I'm on the right track. Does that sound crazy? Yes it does, I know. But stick with me, let's assume it is true, could you disprove my anymore than you can disprove the existence of God? Now, how many people believe in God? Are they all crazy? Don't answer that. Once again I find myself trying to prove my sanity. This all reminds me of a comicstrip I found recently, which is very relevant and very worthy of sharing:


I also think Saul Williams puts a similar concept nicely into words (from his song "Wine"):
"The new wine, is dying on the vine.
How much must you age, before your ageless?
Align yourself with the divine.
Allow your inner sage to burn you rageless.
Cause I find the testaments of time.
There is no space for time within your mind.
If your looking for yourself, yourself you'll find.
Through the crystal of your spirit you'll inherit the divine.
You are God, you best believe.
Don't waste your time down on your knees.
It's everybody for themselves.
You are the fire and the cross.
Don't save your soul, it's our loss.
Collective soul, collective well.

Now do you know how I feel tonight?
Now can't you see I'm surreal tonight?
See how I shine? I'm a star, oh yeah.
Now do you know who you are yeah?"

So hypothetically speaking, what happens if or when this simulated reality catches up with the real reality? I don't know, but I hope I live to find out if it ever does, as unlikely as it may or may not be. I can't help but visualize the snake or dragon eating it's own tail, the ancient sign for infinity. I'm not sure exactly what it meant back then, but I should find out. The circle of life has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It does lead me to think about the infinity point, the novelty theory, and back again to 2012. I haven't even mentioned that I just learned about the discovery they made over in Japan which basically means we will one day see our dreams on a fucking television screen, which ties into my previous post about science-fiction becoming reality, and if your keeping up that comes back to this post and the Adams/Kurzweil Matrix theory. I can't help but feel like I'm bout come full circle somehow and figure it all out, it makes too much sense to me at this point, feels too familiar. Maybe I'm too open-minded and my brain fell out. Maybe I'm too curious. Can you be too open-minded? Or too curious? Am I paranoid? What's going on here? Am I asking too many questions? Do I need Jesus in my life? Am I Jesus? No, I'm not, but I am laughing out loud at this point. Like Scott Adams said at the end of the post that inspired this one, I may be taking a bunch of ideas and throwing them together, but that doesn't make it wrong, that just means we left breadcrumbs and clues for ourselves. And if any of this or any of my previous posts about crazy theories is the slightest bit interesting to you, and if you've read this far I guess I'm talking to you, please take one thing from it that intrigues you and just research it. Use Wikipedia and just follow a trail of links from there, learn something new, and then be sure to tell me about it. The more people looking, the more clues we can find.

*I was very aware of my mortality from a fairly young age. I dwelled on it almost morbidly for years being just as aware of the very good chance of no afterlife whatsoever. Since then the thought of no afterlife has become not so much scary as it is boring. That and it seems entirely too simple. That and psychedelics have led me to believe in an afterlife, I couldn't really tell you why if I tried.

Monday, November 10, 2008

After you read this, you will probly think I am bat shit crazy, but I swear I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

Okay, so I skipped a few days. What can I say, my mind has been elsewhere. Much has transpired in the last few days believe it or not. Upon further research into the Novelty Theory and "Time Wave Zero" I have discovered that this month could be a very exciting one. The Novelty Theory basically suggests that there is an exponential function which can be correlated with the progression of our species (or something like that). It correlates to everything from our population, production, life expectancy all the way to the amount of information available to us, ease of communication, connectivity. Basically, everything we are capable of and the rate at which that increases. About 10,000 years ago we learned to farm, and we had the agricultural revolution. About 200 years ago, we saw the dawn of the industrial revolution. About 30 years ago, we saw the beginnings of what would become the internet and realized the potential that computers had. These species-changing events are increasing at an accelerated rate that will reach an infinity point close to the end of 2012, with the last 18 changes to come in the last day, and of those 13 in the last fraction of a second. I don't know exactly what it means. It could mean anything. It could mean nothing. The thing is the Novelty Theory is just one piece of the puzzle. One theory. There are many other facets to the mystery of 2012 many of which overlap including, of course, the Mayan Calender. As well as Christianity and any other religion with a Christ like figure, which includes the majority of all world religions. God is to Christians what Quetzalcoatl was to the Mayans, what Zeus was to the Greeks, what Science is to atheists, and what the Sun was to those before any of them. (Maybe the atheist metaphor is a bit off, but you get my gist, and I thought it was clever.) It all goes back to the Sun. And Space. Guess what? Some really funky shit is scheduled to go down in space around December of 2012. I can't get into that right now though, I've rambled enough. It will have to wait till later, we'll take this one step at a time. Today's lesson was the Novelty Theory, research it, as well as the Theory of Singularity, but for now I must stay on track with the present and today's happenings, lest this blog never gets finished.
Today was a strange day. I stayed up late last night watching Chinatown for the first time. What a fucked up movie, can't talk about it now though. What you need to know is that Jack Nicholson's character gets his nose cut in that movie, so for about thirty minutes of the movie he's got this bandage on his nose. This may sound like a familiar image, I know I have seen it numerous times before I saw the movie. I always thought to myself, "I need to see that movie where Jack Nicholson is wearing a bandage on his nose." So I did. Then today I stroll into work, and I shit you not, this old guy at work had a bandage on his nose just like the one in Chinatown. Meaningful coincidence? Well, I don't believe it was "meaningful", but I don't believe in coincidences either, so... 
That wasn't the big news today though. Big news today is aliens! Yes, aliens are somehow a part of all this, I know it seems outlandish, but the truth is sometimes hard to swallow. So far this year, we've had a reoccurence of the Phoenix Lights over Arizona. We've had de-classified U.K. Ministry of Defense information regarding UFO sightings over the past decades in which one particular group of pilots reported a ship the size of an air craft carrier that shot off at over 9,000 mph, with interviews with these pilots today, fifty years later, still baffled. Then there's the ex-astronaut from Apollo 14, who at 77, has come forth and said that aliens have made contact, have visited on several occasions, and that the government has been fighting to cover it up for sixty years. Now, today in the news I saw a piece on the new handbooks FEMA is passing out to Firestations across the nation. One chapter focuses on how to handle the events of a UFO encounter/attack/crash site and even what to expect and how to care for wounded aliens. I'm serious about all this shit. It is in the news! I know the media is not to be trusted, but maybe this deserves a little bit more attention from the public? I mean surely it makes for more interesting news, right? Last night, I also received an email from my friend, Nick, notifying me that NASA is making some kind of announcement regarding a "significant discovery regarding another planet in another solar system", on my birthday no less. Plus, I think I should add,  remember that novelty theory I mentioned earlier? Well, it's supposed to hit one of its big peak "changes" this month, but maybe that change was the election of the Anti-Christ. I really hope not. I hope this months big change will be NASA coming clean about the aliens. That would change the world more than any President ever could. Could you imagine how's the world's view would change if light was shed to suggest that WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO INHABIT THE UNIVERSE? That would be so awesome for us to know. I would feel much more comfortable knowing that, because the opposite is even scarier. I know this all very wishful thinking, but I have hope, I hope they are talking about some intelligent life out there somewhere, I really hope we fucking found some, because that is something that we are running out of faster than fossil fuels. Thanks for reading the DSotA. More later. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

Please, stop with the remakes already...

The film industry is really struggling to come up with original ideas these days, that is not news. They have been rehashing the same shit for years, but in the past decade, I'm sure you can agree, it has completely gotten out of hand. When a director runs out of new ideas I think he should just hang up his hat, you know? Sure, there have been a few good remakes, but most are absolute shit. You would think some movies are not possible to remake. That is not the case, nothing is sacred anymore. I learned about two remakes today. Two remakes that have absolutely no business being made. The first one is MTV's remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, personally, I was never a big fan of this particular cult classic, but that doesn't mean I don't hold a certain amount of appreciation for it. This will surely be a travesty of epic proportions. The second, and this one hits me where it hurts, is Oldboy. This is my favorite foreign film and Steven Spielberg wants to make it with Will Smith. I can't see how those two could even begin to broach the subject of remaking this film. I don't even feel like talking about it, I just hope neither of these films gets made.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I literally don't have enough hours in the day...

I find myself low on sleep, my insomnia seems to be at its worst. Internet addiction is most definitely the largest part of this problem. I'm addicted to a lot of things, I guess I have an "addictive personality", whatever that means, I never quite understood the expression. Anyway, the internet is a fairly new addiction. I think its the information I'm addicted to the most. The problem is I take in so much information it gets hard to process and retain the lot of it. I don't know if there is a solution to this problem. I don't think I want a solution. 
Anyways, todays sign of the apocalypse is directly linked to yesterday's. Coincidence? I don't really believe in coincidences anymore. I like to think of them as "synchronicities", little things to let you know your on the right path, things just seem to sync up. Yesterday, the world learned about the sixteen year old frozen mouse that was cloned and today Michael Crichton author of Jurassic Park died.
So, there you have it, todays DSotA.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope Prevails.

Two big signs of the Apocalypse I noticed today. But first let me clarify here, I don't actually believe there is an apocalypse coming. I just thought it was a nifty title and somewhat accurate, if used as a metaphor. I do, however, believe in some pretty far out stuff, which some believe to be the apocalypse, but it isn't. However, that is a blog that I don't have the time to write at the moment. I am working on it though, don't worry, it is a big one and I want to do it right. Anyhow, the first sign I couldn't help but notice today, President Barack Obama. Not a big surprise. This is way too much to blog about right now as well, but I promise I shall try and get around to it. This is an amazing turn of events. I just feel the need to let it sink in, because for the first time in a long time I felt genuinely hopeful. Obama's acceptance speech really hit home with me and my beliefs. I have felt like our society was doomed for a long time, but he has genuinely instilled a sense of hope in me, although I am still skeptical as to what his true motives may be. Actions always speak much louder than words, especially in politics, so we will really have to wait and see. 
This blog is aimed more at shit that slips under the radar which I think should be big news. Which brings me to the next story that really caught my eye. Those scientists have gone and fooled around with nature one step further and revealed today that they have successfully cloned a mouse that had been dead for sixteen years. I actually haven't even read the article yet, so let me go do that...
*10 minutes later*
Okay, so yea, they did it. Some Japanese scientists took brain cells from a dead mouse that had been frozen for sixteen years and cloned that bitch. They also say there is no reason why it wouldn't be possible for, let's say, the wooly mammoth or sabre-tooth tiger to be cloned. Which brought me to another fascinating realization; science-fiction will soon no longer be fiction. We've got these folks on their way to Jurassic Park. Then there's these guys. They are deleting specific memories in mice, which must mean its likely to be possible for humans. That's just like the neuralizer from Men in Black. Okay, maybe not just like it, but the same effects nonetheless. I don't feel like searching for anymore links, but take my word for it. The army is developing laser guns and active camouflage, just like in Star Wars, Predator, and countless other sci-fi flicks. Jet packs are cooler than ever. We have the beginnings of real deal holograms, which most of America saw on television tonight if they were watching CNN for the election. This is all in relation to the exponential times we live in. A time of change. Change you can't even begin to imagine. I will try to explain it all in detail and in due time. 
This has been your daily sign of the apocalypse.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Not Voting...

But I don'​t live in a swing​ state​,​ so serio​usly,​ it doesn​'​t mean a fuck.​ We all know which​ way Texas​ is going​.​ You won'​t convi​nce me that my vote count​s,​ so don'​t waste​ your effor​t.​ Trust​ me, if I was in a swing​ state​,​ I would​ vote.​

With that said,​ I just want to note how compl​etely​ obvio​us the choic​e shoul​d be to peopl​e.​ I'm sure most of you have heard​ about​ the vario​us "​Redne​cks for Obama​"​.​ I guess​ that was surpr​ising​ at first​,​ but it made sense​ after​ it sunk in. I think​ they just came aroun​d,​ or they were redne​cks,​ but not racis​t,​ or they were racis​t,​ but they were smart​.​ Howev​er,​ the quote​s I have copie​d and paste​d below​ still​ do not quite​ make sense​ to me. These​ quote​s are from three​ of the leade​rs of the White​ Supre​macis​t Movem​ent in Ameri​ca today​ and these​ men are endor​sing Barac​k Obama​.​ This total​ly blows​ my mind.​ I mean these​ guys are going​ again​st every​thing​ they belie​ve in and preac​h.​ I canno​t begin​ to fatho​m the conce​pt of Nazis​ suppo​rting​ a black​ candi​date for Presi​dent of the count​ry they live in. How bad does the white​ guy have to suck for that to happe​n?​ Prett​y fucki​ng bad is my guess​.​ Here'​s the thing​ thoug​h.​ I know way too many peopl​e that suppo​rt McCai​n,​ and I can'​t begin​ to relat​e with them.​ It's lunac​y,​ I liter​ally think​ you have to be eithe​r a.) menta​lly insan​e,​ b.) menta​lly chall​enged​,​ or c.) excee​dingl​y misin​forme​d and naive​.​ I'm not sayin​g I don'​t have my doubt​s about​ Mr. Obama​,​ I belie​ve he could​ very well be the Anti-​Chris​t,​ but come on, McCai​n/​Palin​?​ I'd serio​usly rathe​r have the Anti-​Chris​t,​ I just think​ it would​ be rad for some reaso​n,​ like in Littl​e Nicky​,​ when his broth​ers try to take over.​ Okay,​ I'm rambl​ing now, on with the afore​menti​oned quote​s:​

"​White​ peopl​e are faced​ with eithe​r a negro​ or a total​ nutte​r who happe​ns to have a pale face.​ Perso​nally​ I’d prefe​r the negro​.​ Natio​nal Socia​lists​ are not mindl​ess hater​s.​ Here,​ I see a white​ man, who is almos​t dead,​ who decla​res he wants​ to fight​ endle​ss wars aroun​d the globe​ to make the world​ safe for Judeo​-​capit​alist​ explo​itati​on,​ who suppo​rts the invas​ion of Ameri​ca by illeg​als–b​asica​lly a conti​nuati​on of the last eight​ years​ of Emper​or Bush.​ Then,​ we have a black​ man, who loves​ his own kind,​ belon​gs to a Black​-​Natio​nalis​t relig​ion,​ is marri​ed to a black​ woman​–when​ usual​ly negro​es who have ‘made​ it’ immed​iatel​y land a white​ spous​e as a kind of prize​ — that’​s the kind of negro​ that I can respe​ct.​"

-​Rocky​ Suhay​da,​ chair​man of the Ameri​can Nazi Party​

"​Obama​ might​ be a bette​r candi​date for our cause​ becau​se he’s racia​lly consc​ious.​ … I give Obama​ credi​t,​ he seems​ to have stuck​ to his guns as far as pulli​ng the troop​s out of Iraq.​ He’s a very intel​ligen​t man, an excel​lent speak​er and has chari​sma.​ John McCai​n offer​s none of that.​ Perha​ps the best thing​ for the white​ race is to have a black​ presi​dent.​ My only probl​em with Obama​ is perha​ps he’s not black​ enoug​h.​"

-​Erich​ Glieb​e,​ chair​man of the Natio​nal Allia​nce and forme​r pro boxer​ with the nickn​ame “The Aryan​ Barba​rian”​

"The corpo​ratio​ns are runni​ng thing​s now, so it’s not going​ to make much diffe​rence​ who’s​ in there​,​ but McCai​n would​ be much worse​.​ He’s a warmo​nger.​ He’s a scary​,​ scary​ perso​n–mor​e dange​rous than Bush.​"

-Tom Metzg​er,​ direc​tor of White​ Aryan​ Resis​tance​ and forme​r Grand​ Drago​n of the Ku Klux Klan

This has been your Daily​ Sign of the Apoca​lypse​.​

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This sure would explain a lot while at the same time crushing the dreams of half of America.